3 Steps to Happy Lashes

3 Steps to Happy Lashes

Step one

Apply using your fingertips, gently work the shampoo into your lashes, and right down to your eyelid.

Step two

Thoroughly rinse with water, and pat dry.

Step three

Comb lashes with a mascara wand or lash precision comb.


Tip: For extra care apply Medik8 Advanced lash and brow serum $79. This provides a lengthening & thickening effect. Provides immediate conditioning benefits leading to healthier- looking more luxurious eyelashes, improves flexibility, moisture and shine. Overall enhancing the appearance of your natural eyelashes.


Washing your lash extensions with lash shampoo is key, helping them last longer, and even how comfortable they are for you. If you have ever experienced any itching at the eyelid (with lash extensions or not) it is likely due to a bacteria build up at the eyelid base. Simply taking the time to wash your eyelashes and eyelids daily keeps bacteria at bay, and ensures you comfortable, gorgeous, and LONG-LASTING lash extensions between fills!
Enjoy, lash lovers!

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Jessika Brigginshaw

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