Are You Getting The Best Out of Your Cleansers?

What is YOUR cleansing routine?

How are you cleansing?

Are you getting the results you are after?



Don't stress there is a cleanser just for you & your skin!
Cleansers can be just as personal as perfume! There is one for you, you just need to find it!
They can help treat your prematurely aging skin, make those annoying spots vanish, calm that redness, and control pigmentation!








Introducing White Balance Cleanse - by medik8


The newest addition the medik8 cleansing family is just for you! With a brightening, foaming powder cleanser especially for you pigmented ladies (no matter how you got it). It contains clinically tested ingredients to help brighten your uneven skin tone, even out your skin and help be rid of your blotchiness all while gently exfoliating your skin and removing dirt, oils and your makeup!
Also doing an in salon skin treatment such as our famous Celebrity Facial, a Collagen Induction skin treatment will help lift that pigment and plum your skin with your own natural collagen!


Pore Cleanse - for those ladies & gents that suffer from oily skin and open pores!


This cleanser will flush out your pores and keep that pesky oil flow under control! Morning and Night 1/2 a pea size amount of this gel cleanser with a touch of water and it will foam up in your hands and massage over your face and neck and rinse off with warm water.

With the exfoliating power of L-mandelic, L-lactic and salicylic acid will clean out your skin, reduce your pore size leaving your skin squeaky clean.





Beta Cleanse - for those ladies & gents that suffer from spots and acne!


This cleanser is deep cleansing and antibacterial! Morning and Night 1/2 a pump of this foaming cleanser with a touch of water and massage over your face, neck and any other areas you may suffer from breakouts and rinse off with warm water.

With the combination of salicylic acid and soothing niacinamide to aid in improving the appearance of your skin while preventing any future break outs!




We can forget our most popular and most hydrating cleanser!

Cream Cleanse......


This cleanser is luxurious with its calming and soothing ingredients, also with an exfoliate ingredient mandelic acid for that silky smooth clean feel!

Cream Cleanse will remove your makeup with ease all while keeping your natural hydration in your skin. Morning and Nightly use a pea size amount with a touch of water and massage over face and rinse with warm water a clean damp cloth.











Hydr8 360 is a daily moisturizer with an SPF 15 to protect you from the harmful UV rays that will age you much quicker..... which is something none of us want!


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