Are you Wanting To Try Skin Needling? But Too Afraid!

Are you Wanting To Try Skin Needling? But Too Afraid!

Here at B Indulged we want the best for your skin, lashes and nails so we can always test out our treatments on ourselves so you can be assured that whatever treatment you choose we know exactly what it feels like and can give you the best advice for your needs.

Our latest pick of treatment is Skin Needling and the picture below is of our skin therapist Jennifer after her session.

Skin needling uses micro needles that when glided across the skin make tiny punctures to trick into thinking it has been wounded thus sending extra blood and collagen to the area to heal the “wounds”.

The skin feels a little tight, warm for the rest of the day but this calms down within 12-24hrs and you may be feeling a bit dry for up to 7days afterwards. Using Medki8 ultimate Recover Cream will aid to the re-hydration over the next 7 days.

Results can be seen and felt after this and subsequent treatment enhance the effects. The amount of treatment vary for different concerns but I felt that my skin was plumper and more even toned after 3 days from the first session. The procedure takes approx an hour in salon and treats fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, hormonal pigmentation, scarring and can also be used on the body to treat stretch marks.

Limited offer for July and August just $179 so give us a cal to book your appointment and see and fell the results for yourself.

Available at both our Ipswich and Graceville salons.

skin needling bottom pic

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