B Indulged Massage Only $50 for One Hour of Bliss

Only $50 for One Hour of Bliss
Are you feeling tense, run down, constant headaches? During the colder months we tend to tighten up and clench our muscles without even knowing it and this results in a constant feeling of tension, headaches, discomfort, and unrest.

Benefits of a Massage

Different levels of pressure are used by your massage therapist to release the build up of lactic acid that forms in the muscles and creates tightness and "knots". The use of oil and pressure creates heat that along with massage techniques release the fibres of the muscle that have become stiffened and correct the fibres to aling into their correct position.

This creates a release and comfort is then brought back to the muscle which results in fewer headaches, better sleep and an overall feeling of wellness.

We recommened to come in once a week for 3 sessions to really ensure that the lactic acid does not reform and retwist the muscle fibres.Ongoing maintainence treatments once a month keep this feeling and the muscle fibres dont get a chance to unkindly knot again.

Our massage therapists are available at both B Indulged Ipswich and Graceville salons Monday to Saturday. Ph 3202 3797 to book you appointment

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