Smokey Eye Step by Step

Smokey Eye Step by Step

I like to start with my eyes before I apply foundation and concealer, this allows me to be more relaxed and free when creating an eye look without the worry of ruining your base!!

Step one - Apply primer. I cover the whole eye lid in primer.

Step two - Apply a creamy concealer onto your eyelid to create a smooth canvas
Tip - A cream eyeshadow in nude is also good as a base too.

Step three - Sweep a translucent/nude powder over your eyelid to hold your base this stops creasing.

Step four - Sweep your lightest shade over your lid starting from the bottom and blending up towards your brow.

Step five - Taking a medium shade blend from half way across your eyelid into the crease.

Step six - Using a fluffy blending brush sweep your darkest shade into the outer corner of the eye and into the crease to create a dark intense shadow.

Step Seven - Highlight by dusting a small amount of highlighter over your brow bone.
Tip - I like to add a bit of highlighter into the inner Corner of your eye!

Step eight - To add balance to this look take the medium and darkest shades and sweep a little under your eye close to your bottom lash line.

Step nine - Blend, Blend, Blend!! Make sure to blend your shadows and buff and harsh lines.

Step ten - Finish off your look with a set of false lashes.

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Jessika Brigginshaw

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