Treating Acne and Its Subsequent Scarring with IPL Skin Therapy

Treating Acne and Its Subsequent Scarring with IPL Skin Therapy
Acne for most of us hits at one time or another during our lives and can be uncomfortable, embarrassing, and may have long lasting impact on our skins texture and appearance.

IPL has long been known to be used for hair removal but it makes it's benefits abundantly clear in the world of skin rejuvenation and acne treatments.

Now first a little about acne...

Every tiny hair follicle in our skin contains little pockets of sebum which naturally secrete to keep the surface of our skin protected against moisture loss, irritations, and keep the general health of our largest organ(our skin) in tact. Levels of sebum vary from person to person in large part due to our dna and when an imbalance occurs it is often caused by environmental factors such as pollution, diet, and skin care routine. Hormonal acne occurs from these same reasons but the change in hormones also affect the level of sebum that is created and also the skins texture which can actually shrink the follicles so that they clog even easier and increase the likelihood of infection.

Acne develops when our hair follicles become clogged with dirt, sweat, dead skin cells, pollution and block the flow of sebum which also creates the perfect environment for bacteria to grow and multiply. The sebum and bacteria then with no way out of the skin starts to accumulate underneath the clogged pore and the body, knowing something is wrong, then starts to react to treat the area to return the skin to equilibrium. It does this the way it treats all foreign matter and infection by sending white blood cells to clean up the bacteria. White blood cells work by destroying the bacteria but once each cell has done as much as it can it dies and the more that come to fight which in turn creates pus.

Now since the cells work from the inside out the pus is created underneath and with nowhere to go the build up creates the whiteheads and pustules we see on the surface.

This is why it is so important to maintain good skin care practices to prevent the clogging in the first place but our hormones and environment these days makes it a constant struggle to win the battle, and once acne has arrived it can be quite difficult to treat only topically.

This is where IPL treatments come into play...

The IPL uses heat and wavelengths of light to penetrate into the skin at depths we simply cannot reach with products alone. The heat softens the skin and pores to help the light penetrate as deep as possible and also creates increased bloodflow to the areas being treated to facilitate healing while the light gets to work at killing the bacteria that has taken up residence. Very resistant bacteria, low immunity, hormonal acne or acne that has been there for more than a few weeks can take several treatments to benefit completely.

The other benefit of this heat/light combo is that it is working deep enough to affect the collagen, elastin and blood supply within the skin so to stimulating new growth which in turn helps with the scarring from damaged cells related to the acne.

Treatments in clinic for full face ipl cost $220 per session and take about 1hr to perform which also includes a calming masque to increase surface healing. Your skin may be slightly pink, inflamed and can flake for up to 3 days but that is the extreme of it unlike a chemical peel where you are taking off the surface layers we are working from beneath the surface.
It is advised to have treatments spread at 4 weeks apart and depending on the severity of the case or other factors that you wish to achieve(like pigmentation and wrinkle treatments) it can take 4 or more sessions.

Try this amazing skin treatment for yourself or let a friend in need know about it as i am offering the first 10 clients to book and mention this email 50% off your first IPL Skin Therapy Treatment(and it doesnt have to be for acne, i can treat your pigmentation, wrinkles and overall skin texture).

I look forward to helping you achieve your skin goals.

Jennifer @ B Indulged

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