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Signature Brow Design & Brow Tint                             $70
Signature Brow Design                                                $45
Signature Brow Sculpt (Maintenance)                         $35
Signature Brow Tint                                                    $25
Signature Henna Tint                                                  $50
Brow Lift (Lamination)                                                $90


Brow Sculpt & Tint (Maintenance)                              $60
Bespoke Brow Design & Henna Tint                            $95
Brow Sculpt & Henna (Maintenance)                          $85
Brow Sculpt, Lash & Brow Tint                                    $90


Eyelash Tint                                                               $30
Eyelash Lift, Conditioning & Tint                                $110


Soft Classic Set of Lashes                                        $120
Infill 45 minutes                                                        $75

Full Classic Glam Lashes                                         $160
Infill 60 minutes                                                       $85
Infill 75 minutes                                                       $100

Hybrid Set of Lashes                                                $180
Infill 75 minutes                                                       $115
Infill 90 minutes                                                       $135

Soft Volume Set of Lashes                                       $200
Infill 60 minutes                                                       $105
Infill 75 minutes                                                       $120
Infill 90 minutes                                                       $155

MEGA Volume Set of Lashes                                    $300
Infill 75 minutes                                                       $140
Infill 90 minutes                                                       $175
Infill 120 minutes                                                     $200

Extension Removal                                                    $30
Removal & Tint                                                          $60


Spray Tan                                                                                       $30


Bridal Makeup                                                                              $110
Special Occasion Makeup                                                             $100


Whether you are new to facials, after a luxe pamper session, or are looking to have some serious skin goals in check, our transformative and restorative bespoke facials are your go to. After diagnosing your unique skin needs, we custom curate your treatment from start to finish. Choose from the following options:

Bespoke Signature Facial 45 minutes                                          $110
Don't know where to start your skincare journey? Including a double cleanse, enzyme, extractions, mask and acupressure facial massage. Perfect for the first time facial novices to seasoned facial gurus, your skin will thank you for the love

Bespoke Signature with Marine Mask 75 minutes                        $160
All the love you'd come to expect from our Signature facial with the addition of a neck, shoulder, décolletage massage and the Marine Mask which infuses a custom serum made just for you to bring clear, soft, radiant, glowing skin.

The Ultimate Bespoke 2 hours                                                      $260
When you not only want but deserve all the best we have created this facial just for you and combines our most popular treatments to bring you your best skin yet. enjoy our enzyme, Dermaplane, Healite/LED Therapy and customised Marine Mask.

Add Bespoke Eye Treatment to your facial to fight tired, puffy & ageing eyes $65

Prin Lymphatic Therapy Facial 75 minutes                                    $195
Cleanse your skin from within, Lymphatic Therapy improves blood flow bringing nutrients and oxygenation to the cells, while removing toxins out of the skin. Combined with an enzyme peel you will be feeling relaxed, refreshed and glowing with a fresh radiant complexion.


Our selection of resurfacing facials are designed to give your skin the boost it needs, revealing fresh, glowing, soft, touchable skin that radiates health and vitality. Choose from the following options:

Microdermabrasion Facial 40 minutes                     $85
A deeply exfoliating facial which acts like a vacuum for your skin, going down deeper into the layers of your skin to remove build up and reveal a beautiful glow. Great for those stubborn blackheads or uneven skin.

Brighten and Lighten Facial 45 minutes                  $140
Are you suffering from hormonal pigmentation (including pregnancy) and sun damage? This is a great starting point to reduce pigmentation and uneven skin tone and reveal a radiance and glow of your skin!

Turn Back Time Facial 45 minutes                           $140
A luxurious, intensely volumising facial for revitalised and youthful-looking skin. Combat premature ageing, this facial will leave your skin firmer, more vibrant, whilst fine lines, wrinkles and age spots are reduced.

Blemish Prone Facial 45 minutes                            $140
A refreshing peel designed with you and your skin concerns in mind. Ideal for those experiencing toxin build up and blemishes.

The Dermaplane Elixir Facial 50 minutes                $110
A refining, smoothing and brightening facial which gently removes the top layer of the skin, along with the fine surface hairs to reveal soft, supple & glowing skin and increase skincare absorption.

Enzyme 70 minutes                                                    $165
Marine Mask 80 minutes                                            $170


Choose from one or more of these powerful boosters to upgrade your facial treatment

Add Marine Mask                                                       $50
Add Enzyme                                                               $30
Add AHA/BHA Peel                                                     $50
Add LED Therapy                                                       $45
Add Dermaplane                                                        $60


Our most results driven and advanced skin services to give you the results you've been dreaming of. Choose from the following options:

Healite/LED Therapy 60 minutes                                              $110
Your new best friend! A wonder drug for your skin. Performed after an enzyme peel, you will find this facial very therapeutic (and may even have a power nap). Treat a large range of skin concerns such as sassing skin, acne, blemishes, reduce redness, heal wounds, scars and pigmentation. Finished with a customised serum for your specific skin needs.

Healite/LED Therapy 20 minutes express                                $60

Cosmelan De-pigmentation Peel                                              $1200
60 minutes (includes home care)
Stubborn pigmentation and tried almost everything to remove it? We may have the solution for you! Our Cosmelan is one of the best ways to remove pigmentation from the deeper layers of the skin. This peel does require downtime as we are working in the deeper layers of the skin. Treatment includes all required home care for maximum results.

Collagen Induction Therapy 60 minutes                                   $299
Accelerate your skin goals with this must have skin boosting treatment. Micro-needling is one of the fastest ways to improve your skin. From acne scarring, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles just to make a few.


Skin Bootcamp is a customised skin PT program to get your skin in the best shape of your life! Personalised just for you by your very own Skin Personal Trainer, it's one of the most cost effective ways for you to get your skin into shape. Choose from one of the following monthly packages:

Gold level                                                                         $87 per week
1x Advanced Facial & 1 Enzyme Facial per month

Silver level                                                                       $49 per week
1x Advanced Facial or 1x Resurfacing Facial per month

Bronze level                                                                     $38 per week
1x Light Resurfacing Facial per month


Full Face                                                                   $220
Half Face                                                                  $110
Décolletage                                                              $180
Face, Décolletage & Neck                                         $400
Décolletage & Neck                                                  $260
Face & Neck                                                             $280


Underarm                                                                  $30
Bikini                                                                        $30
G-String                                                                    $60
Brazilian                                                                   $70
Half Arm                                                                   $45
Full Arm                                                                    $60
Half Leg                                                                    $65
Full Leg                                                                     $95
Chin                                                                          $30
Lip                                                                            $30
Brazilian & Underarm                                                $100
Brazilian & Full Leg                                                   $145
Chest                                                                        $100
Back                                                                         $100
Tummy Line                                                               $30
Feet & Toes                                                               $30


Chin                                                                          $15
Lip                                                                            $15
Underarm                                                                 $25
Half Arm                                                                   $30
Full Arm                                                                    $45
Half Leg                                                                    $40
Full Leg                                                                     $60
Bikini                                                                        $25
G-String                                                                    $40
Brazilian                                                                   $68
Brazilian Follow Up (4 weeks)                                    $60

Treatment packages are available at an amazing price to allow you to save.

Buy 3 get 1 FREE
Buy 6 get 2 FREE


Designer Nano Brows                                                                    $900
Designer Feather Touch Brows                                                      $799
Designer Stardust Brows                                                               $799
Ombre & Combination Brows                                                         $799
Brow Correction or Redo                                                             +$799

Brow Touch Ups
8-12 Week Feather Touch                                                              $200
8-12 Week Combination & Ombre                                                  $250
3-11 Month Touch Up                                                                    $300
12-18 Month Touch Up                                                                  $350
18 Month - 2.5 Year                                                                      $500

Top or Winged Eyeliner                                                                  $600
Bottom Eyeliner                                                                             $400
3-7 Month Touch Up                                                                      $250
8-12 Month Touch Up                                                                    $350
18-24 Month Touch Up                                                                  $500

Lip Blush                                                                                       $700
8 week Perfection Touch Up                                                          $250

A $100 booking fee for all Cosmetic Tattooing appointments. All deposits and booking fees are non-refundable with no exceptions.

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment to complete a client consultation card. For all cancellations, please allow 48 hours notice, if you wish to reschedule or cancel. Missing your appointment will result in forfeiting your booking fee, and will require full payments for future bookings. Late arrivals will shorten your treatment time or your appointment may need to be rescheduled.